Friday, July 22, 2011

Terrorism in Norway: Let's All Jump to Conclusions


It's way more fun than waiting for real information to come in.

When I heard that someone disguised as a police officer opened fire on a Liberal youth camp on the Norwegian island of Utoya, 3o minutes from Oslo (where a car bomb went off earlier in the day), I doubted Al Qaeda involvement. How does an Arab terrorist convincingly pass himself off as a Scandinavian police officer, and how would Al Qaeda know (or care) about the youth camp? This seemed more likely to be a domestic thing, perpetrated by someone with a beef against the government in general or the ruling Liberal party in particular.

This guy has been arrested on suspicion of being the shooter, and police have stated they believe the bombings and shootings are linked. According to his Facebook profile (which was just yanked), he runs a farming operation, so getting the materials for a car bomb would have been cake. He's a conservative with an interest in political analysis. He lives in Oslo. He enjoys hunting, so perhaps he's a decent marksman.

This looks fairly simple. Dude combines a grudge with a homemade bomb and his hunting rifle. Chaos ensues. Middle Eastern terrorists get blamed until people realize there's no evidence of their involvement. Then we all select a favourite pet peeve and try to tie it in to this deranged jerkoff. He did it because there's no prayer in Norwegian schools! He did it because socialists have no souls! Or whatever.

Infowars has of course taken a quantum jump to the conclusion that this isn't what it seems. It's a false flag operation, like everything else that has ever happened since the dawn of civilization. People never just do bad things on their own steam. Personal responsibility is bunk. There's always someone or something else to blame: psych meds, Jews, arcane military ops.

Already, Infowars has posted a slew of articles dissecting the Norwegian Government Plot Against Norway.

Paul Joseph Watson: "Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government building in the Norwegian capital." He implies such exercises are typical of false flag terrorism, serving as "the fallback of a drill."
Really? Norwegian NWO baddies planned this thing for Friday, and they conducted their first major drill on Wednesday?

Watson again: The media is manufacturing a "white Al Qaeda myth", and anonymous callers and e-mailers have already alerted Alex Jones to inconsistencies with the Official Story.
Actually, the media seems to be backing off on the Al Qaeda speculation, as it doesn't really jive with the arrest of a blonde guy named Anders.
Not really knowing why the NWO would go after Norway, Watson throws everything at the wall in the off-chance something may stick. Norway halting payments to Greece, not joining the EU, backing away from action in Libya.

An unattributed article starts to pick apart the "holes" in a story that hasn't even emerged yet, trying to get us to be paranoid as hell. Why would a terrorist attack an empty building on a holiday? Doesn't this point to a false flag op?
Well, there are any number of potential answers to that questions. Maybe the perp(s) aren't quite as murderous as professional terrorists. Maybe he/they were scared of approaching a building full of people with a car bomb. You can't really make sense of terrorism, which is inherently irrational.

Kurt Nimmo wonders if "CIA contact" Mullah Krekar was responsible, and says the attacks will probably be blamed on Al Qaeda. Like I said, the Al Qaeda theory is already melting away in the media.
On Saturday, Infowars re-posed this article from Zero Hedge: "Establishment Media Rushed to Blame Madman Attack on Muslims With No Evidence."
Wait, what? Didn't Nimmo do that just yesterday with Krekar? Also, this article clearly takes the view that Breivik is the real perp and acted alone, which Infowars wouldn't accept under any circumstances. Lone shooters don't exist on Infowars, unless they're Zionist-controlled zombies or raging ecoterrorists. Or Freemasons, as Breivik apparently was.
But it's too late to agree with Nimmo, anyway; he already changed his mind. Today, he declares Breivik is "obviously a patsy for a Gladio operation to destroy political opposition to the bankers". His "evidence" for this is wafer-thin. Basically, Breivik was a member of a libertarian-style political party that opposed bailouts, and was set up as a patsy to demonize all like-minded Norwegians. This doesn't quite explain why he confessed, but there ya go. Kurt Nimmo has solved the whole mystery in about half a dozen paragraphs.

But as Gwynne Dyer has quite sensibly pointed out, it doesn't really matter.


Eugene said...

Now that you mention it, the falsifiability of false flag attack claims would be a great question to poll Jones fans on. How do you tell a false flag attack from a real one? Is there a possible way or will they finally admit that they every possible thing ties into their paranoia?

S.M. Elliott said...

It would be fun to do a comparison between actual false flags and random stuff that Jones considers to be false flags...

just saying said...

I've just come up with a great plot for a comedy film, courtesy of Alex Jones. Terrorists (real ones) set off to blow up a building. On the way they bump into a black ops crew about to bomb the same building as part of a false flag op. A fire-fight ensues, during which the explosives are set off, destroying the building and killing both the terrorists and the black ops crew. Then the media fall-out ensues ...

Highland Host said...

When I heard about the atrocity, I reserved judgement - the only sensible thing to do. I'm old enough to remember the IRA attacks in England, and sensible enough to realise that there are quite a few different types of terrorism, and multiple motives. So it makes no sense to rush to judgement when one is not in full possession of the facts.

A particularly foolish article was seen on WorldNet Daily saying that of course the atrocity was committed by Muslims, and Breivik was just a patsy to cover it up.

Which makes less than no sense at all, of course.

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