Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alex Jones Predicted the Norway Massacre

Late on Saturday night, Jones suddenly realized that Infowars predicted the Norway attacks the day before they happened. He explains it all in these video messages.

It seems even Prison Planet/Infowars commenters are getting bored with everything being a "false flag", so Jones spends some time chewing them out for not knowing their history. False flags have happened, ergo everything that happens is probably false flag.

On Friday, Infowars started out speculating that Middle Eastern terrorists could be responsible for the Norway attacks. Within hours, Kurt Nimmo had concluded the whole thing was really a false flag NWO attack designed to crush the growing populist movement in Norway. Then Infowars decried the mainstream media's scapegoating of Middle Eastern terrorists. Pot, meet kettle.
Throughout all this nonsense, Infowars didn't say anything about Jones predicting the attacks.

Now, Jones insists he saw it coming on Thursday. "How did I know? How could I not, it was like the media was rolling out a new soft drink, it was so in your face."

So did he actually call it, just like he "predicted" 9/11 and the Austin plane crash? Not really. What Jones griped about on Thursday was the use of white terror suspects in DHS terrorism-awareness videos. These are the same hokey PSA videos I discussed back in January. In his opinion, they're a huge part of the NWO effort to brand white populists like himself as The New Threat to Mankind. In my opinion, they're generic PSAs. The reason the vids don't feature Middle Eastern men acting suspiciously is because the DHS didn't want to come off as a bunch of racist fucks.
Besides, what the hell does the DHS campaign have to do with Norway? I know Jones thinks the NWO hands down global edicts from some secret location, but it doesn't. What happens in Norway pretty much affects only Norway. It's a socialist nation with universal healthcare and gay marriage. Obviously, it is not following the exact same script as the U.S.

To be fair, though, governments are growing concerned about homegrown terrorism perpetrated by angry right-wing dudes, and they might take some unwise measures to try to prevent the Breiviks among us from going apeshit. Jones tells us that in order to do this, the governments first have to stage false flag attacks that look like right-wing atrocities.
But, wait, sometimes terrorist acts really are carried out by angry right-wing dudes. Can't the NWO baddies just wait until one of them goes apeshit, then crack down on the anti-government movements?
Well, no. You see, as Jones has explained to us many times, there are no right-wing mass murderers, only right-wing patsies. All crazy gunmen are left-wing.



Highland Host said...

The old fallacy of assuming that everyone on your side of the political spectrum is good, and the other side are evil. No, there are nuts all over the place, with all sorts of political views.

Reality check: Not everyone who disagrees with you is evil.

S.M. Elliott said...

Jones tries to opt out of this by declaring the left-right paradigm is an illusion, just another part of the NWO scam. Yet he seems to fit so neatly into it...

utopianuk said...

Alex Jones and everyone else has many reasons to be suspicious of what happened in Oslo, as Breivik said his motive for his actions was to wake his people up to his way of thinking on certain issues.

Obviously, it's had the opposite effect, and he would have to be completely moronic to think that the outcome would be any different.

Are we really to believe that he's just an evil madman who wasn't thinking straight?

Alex detailed how things would unfold in the aftermath of the atrocities - and he's been shown to be 100% correct. When I was watching a BBC news program and the debate was about Breivik having links to so-called "right-wing" groups in England, I realised that Alex has a clear view of what's happening. Everyone is now talking about shadowy right-wing white people and groups, and the potential threat they pose. It's ridiculous, but also very sinister for the media and politicians to be behaving like this in the light of one man's actions.

The thing with Alex, what he exposes and highlights.. are things that aren't really revelations or off-the-wall thinking, but facts that anyone can look up, and ideas that usually make sense in the context of the available info and knowledge. Alex is modest enough to always iterate that fact.

Of course Alex isn't always totally on the ball and he's not a perfect person( no one is ), but to berate him for those reasons would be close-minded, harsh, and ultimately foolish.

S.M. Elliott said...

what he exposes and highlights.. are things that aren't really revelations or off-the-wall thinking...

- Muslims, not Serbia, were behind the collapse of Yugoslavia.
- James van Brunn was probably blackmailed by Jews into the Holocaust Museum shooting.
- U.S. soldiers made a hobby of throwing Iraqi children off bridges.
- GMO crops were responsible for honeybee deaths.
- The Egyptican pyramids were "based on 666", and 666 is 33 doubled. Pi is 33. "How did the Egyptians know that?"
- Schizophrenics are demonically possessed.
- Squidbillies is probably Pentagon propaganda.
- Magic Johnson was secretly cured of AIDS. Black and Hispanic leaders are paid off to stay quiet about the fact that AIDS is a race-specific disease.

If you think I'm cherry-picking, I could do this all day. These are just random examples that came to mind.

Of course there will be backlash against right-wing groups because of the Norway massacre, just like there is backlash against Muslims after every other terror attack. That's unfortunate, and I hope people have the brains to curb their paranoia before they do something regrettable.

Highland Host said...

The aim of terrorists on the whole is to 'wake people up'. And of course the mode is usually ludicrous. But people do irrational things. Mary Tudor thought to win England back to the Roman Catholic Church by mass executions of Protestants, including illiterate working people and at least one pregnant woman. You or I would have looked at that and said, "That's ridiculous! You are literally creating martyrs by the score!" But she did it, and thought it would work.

Therefore I find nothing remarkable in the fact that Breivik should have attacked in particular the two targets that he chose. The first was government buildings - the buildings of that same government he thinks has betrayed Norway - and the second was a camp of young people who were the future leaders of that same government. His target was the government, he struck the government.

S.M. Elliott said...

^ Agree.

In this case, Breivik had clear targets.

But terrorism is inherently irrational. Don't try to make too much sense of it.

jussumguy said...

S.M. said "What happens in Norway pretty much affects only Norway". Just take a look around and say that it is effecting only Norway. All over Russia they are cracking down on extremist and other countries are probably thinking the same thing. I know that in Russia there is a true problem with extremists but it's still all about control and that's one fact you can't deny. Never let a good crises go to waist.

Highland Host said...

Russia has been cracking down on people for years already. They don't need Norway to do it. Now, are they jumping on it to justify themselves? So what if they are? They used 9/11 to justify what they were doing in Chechneya - and had already been doing for years. Time will tell if other countries crack down on extremists.

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