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Alex Jones was supposed to be Glenn Beck

I missed this show when it was broadcast (Sept. 4/10), but when someone tweeted a link to the video titled "Beck was Developed to Counter Alex Jones" I just couldn't resist poking fun at it.
This gem is jam-packed with dodgy assertions that Glenn Beck was elevated to his then-current status specifically to bring down Alex Jones.


He's Copying Me!

Jones pulls out a copy of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope and makes a big deal about Glenn Beck using a quote from it in his "factional" book The Overton Window. Why? Because Jones used to recite the very same quote on his show all the time. Coincidence?!

Well, yeah, probably. I mean, it's a famous book, and conspiranoids love quoting from it when they're out to trash the "Damnocrats" or prove some theory about the shadow government.

In The Overton Window, Beck "admits" that the U.S. government stages false flag terror attacks against itself, and that it's planning to launch a false flag nuclear strike as an excuse to declare martial law. The story includes FEMA concentration camps. Most damning of all, the character based on Beck himself is a government agent posing as a patriot.

Jones considers this book a New World Order insider's take on the Master Plan.

Okay, why would Beck so blatantly expose a real top-secret agenda and his own role in it? Dunno. According to Jones, the NWO just likes to throw stuff in our faces for shits and giggles. You know, like movie villains who spend five minutes explaining how and why they're going to kill the good guy.

"I was offered Glenn Beck's job before Glenn Beck existed!"

Really? Beck's first politically-oriented radio show was The Glenn Beck Program, which began airing on Tampa's WFLA in 2000. This was his first respectable gig, the show that launched him into the Conservasphere. Before that, he was just another morning zoo monkey making racist jokes, laughing about a competitor's wife suffering a miscarriage, and continuously getting shitcanned for his dismal ratings.
Was Jones offered the WFLA job before Beck? Jones won't say. He just says he was told by unnamed Bigwigs that he could become the next Rush Limbaugh. He can't reveal the names of any of these Bigwigs, he explains, because he agreed to keep everything confidential and will not violate his agreement. Never mind that it's been at least 11 years since this alleged offer, or that it's unethical for studio heads to make you promise never to tell a living soul they once offered you a job.

I'm going to go out on a limb and call bullshit on this one. If Jones could name even one of the dudes who turned Glenn Beck into the NWO's #1 media shill, I think he would.

Also, Jones never gets around to explaining why the NWO would try to co-opt his mad radio skillz to serve their agenda, then select a paranoid populist "shill" to debunk him, only to have the shill say 90% of the same stuff Jones does. Jones harps on the 10% of their content that differs (bailouts, 9/11, etc.) in an effort to convince us that Beck is a disinfo machine, but it just doesn't ring true. I've said before that Jones and Beck seem to have been separated at birth.

Of course, Jones said all this when Beck was at the top of his game, raking in the highest ratings Fox News has ever seen. Nowadays, he's hawking his Glenn Beck Network, an online-only "tv station" that will never, ever, have as many viewers as Fox News. Hell, a huge percentage of Fox News viewers don't even know how to use computers.
Would the New World Order really let Beck, their carefully-groomed stooge, sink so low?

If They really wanted to debunk Jones's rants about FEMA camps, false-flag terror attacks, and patriot persecution, They would not hire a self-described "rodeo clown" to talk about FEMA camps, false-flag terror attacks, and patriot persecution. They would do what I do, but on a significant scale: Point out the many, many flaws in Jones's "facts", theories, and opinions.

Face it, Mr. Jones: Glenn Beck is you in a suit.

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Eugene said...

Soooo there was only supposed to be one of them but instead we got two? The NWO overlords must really hate us!!

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