Monday, December 20, 2010

Assange Rap

With Jones harping on Wikileaks' alleged link to The Great Satan (George Soros), and Webster Tarpley calling Julian Assange an "MK-ULTRA zombie" (possibly because his mother's second ex-husband was involved with this when Assange was a child*), this video is well in order. Enjoy, and happiest holidays to everyone. We'll be back in the new year.

* It would be terribly ironic if Webster Tarpley, of all people, criticized anyone for cult involvement.


Anonymous said...

Idiot Alert; Idiot Alert
You admit that the Santiniketan Park Association played apart building ond controlling a.k.a programming Julian Assange's personality. Yet you make fun of Webster Tarpley calling him a "MK-ULTRA zombie"; that is classic dubble think.

Anonymous said...

Proving that all the "leaked documents" on wikileaks have as much truth as a Harry Potter book. All them are fake/ disinfo.

bernardpa said...

To be honest, while viewing the video I felt like I was watching PrisonPlanet TV. You can't fight crazy with crazy.

Anonymous said...

My best friend was murdered because he sued Vice President Dick Cheney.

It's impossible for the establishment to allow Jones to continue unless he is one of them, in some way. They have special programs to eliminate dissent before it gets popular. He is protected, designed to whip up fervor to unleash tyranny.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest blog in the world.

S.M. Elliott said...

Anon #1: I don't even know the extent of Assange's involvement with Hamilton-Burke's cult. I wrote that his stepfather was involved with it; I don't know if his mother ever was. So far as I know, the only kids in the cult who were subjected to drugging and brainwashing were Hamilton-Burke's own "adopted" (read: kidnapped and/or purchased) children. Julian Assange was not one of them.

And Webster Tarpley is not an MKULTRA zombie. For over two decades, he was in the top tier of what many refer to as a political cult. It really would be ironic if he ever said, "This man can't be trusted because his stepfather belonged to a cult."

Anonymous said...

"Yet you make fun of Webster Tarpley calling him (Julian Assange) a "MK-ULTRA zombie"; that is classic dubble think."
Proving my other statemnet that all the "leaked documents" on wikileaks have as much truth as a Harry Potter book. All them are fake/ disinfo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the wikileaks are faked up controlled "leaks".....Assange received and then delivered docs to a few establishment papers...Assange probably didnt even read most of these docs....these newspapers had staff redact these docs to obscure names, etc. The redactors are CFR and whatnot.

This is a giant joke- the monkey -on- a chain (Assange) will get burned, though.

the_last_name_left said...

Were there this many nutters before the internet?

S.M. Elliott said...

OK, let's get this straight: I did NOT state that Webster Tarpley was an MK-ULTRA zombie. He was head of propaganda for the LaRouche org for two decades.

Tarpley was calling Assange an MK-ULTRA zombie because his stepfather reportedly had some involvement in a cult or cult-like religious movement.
The LaRouche org has been called a political cult or a cult-like political movement.

So Tarpley telling us that another man can't be trusted because of possible cult involvement as a child would be very ironic.

Are we clear now?

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