Monday, April 19, 2010

The sky is falling again: The Great Tea Partier Frameup of 2010

"They're gonna blow stuff up and blame it on you, blame it on me."

"This is a red alert. RED alert. RED alert. RED alert. RED alert."

"We might be able to back them off, but right now I think they're committed to this." - Alex Jones (April 19/2010 broadcast)

One thing I hope to show you on this blog, over time, is that Alex Jones lurches from crisis to crisis like a drunk trying to navigate his way home by grasping random streetlight poles in the dark, never glancing back at the ones he's left behind. Once a crisis has passed - often without any major repercussions - he moves on and only rarely mentions it, except to retrofit some of its details to make it appear that he was "right all along".

For over two months now, Jones has been warning that mid-April to the end of the month could be the elite's window of opportunity to stage massive false flag attacks within the U.S., scapegoating Tea Partiers and tax protestors. These attacks will probably include nuclear bombs in U.S. cities and the bombing of IRS offices, he has warned. The attacks will be designed not just to discredit critics of the current administration, but to bring in brutal repression of free speech in general. According to Jones, they're already trying to set up Tea Partiers by seeding fake racists with offensive protest signs into public demonstrations (apparently Jones believes, or wants to believe, there are no racist conservatives in America).
Jones says Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are now saying similar things about imminent false-flag attacks.

He wants all his listeners to spread the false flag operation warning via websites, blogs, videos, etc.

Now is a good time to review The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09. This was Jones's last Major Crisis of Epic Proportions. Here's the rough chronology he laid out for this gargantuan step forward in the NWO takeover of America, which I also evaluated in December:

1. In the fall of '09, "fake" H1N1 hysteria was going to be used to usher in additional bank bailouts, the Clean Water Restoration Act ("federal takeover of all private property"), carbon taxation, and hate crime legislation. Then forced inoculation with the H1N1 vaccine would be instituted nationwide.

When only a few of these things came to pass (bailouts and the passage of The Mathew Shepherd Act), Jones tried to convince us that popular opposition to forced inoculation prevented it from happening. What he never mentioned is that forced H1N1 inoculation couldn't have happened, anyway, because there were never enough doses for everyone.

He has stopped talking about the Clean Water Restoration Act because it is still languishing in the Senate - clearly, it was not part of the Great Swine Flu Plot.

2. The announcement of forced inoculation would result in riots and demonstrations throughout the U.S., giving federal authorities the perfect excuse to declare and maintain nationwide martial law.

Did not happen. Will not happen. Wasn't going to happen. Jones was so far off the mark here that I'm amazed so many people still find him credible. As I mentioned, there were never enough doses to vaccinate everyone in the U.S., forced vaccination was never on the agenda, and a pandemic lockdown did not occur. What Jones and company fail to understand is that martial law is not a desirable thing for any U.S. administration. The risks and the massive outlay of money and resources vastly outweigh any benefits.

The next three sets of events in the Great Swine Flu Plot are still on the "wait and see" side of the equation, but given that hardly anything in the first two steps actually occurred at all and had an astonishingly slim chance of ever occurring, what do you think the odds are that they'll come to pass?

Remember: According to Jones, these things should have begun taking place last fall at the earliest, the end of 2009 at the latest. Yet bank bailouts were the only thing that inarguably occurred.

3. Under the direction of Obama's science czar, John Holdren, sterilizing agents will be placed in municipal water supplies.

4. Dissidents will be rounded up and placed in FEMA concentration camps. The Constitution will cease to exist, and the U.S. basically becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UN/New World Order apparatus.

5.The real mass murder begins. 80-99% of the world's surviving population will be eliminated via tainted vaccines, execution, forced abortions, and involuntary sterilization.


Paul said...

Jones' long time cameraman Mike Hanson (you see him in the Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove video.) has a channel with older Alex Jones footage.. like from the 90s. What I found incredible is how little his rhetoric has changed. Sometimes the names change but for the most part he's been doing the same schtick for a long time. I tell people all the time that a year from now Jones will still be saying the elite are in the end game scenario for setting up a murderous global government. The apocalypse never seems to happen.

Sometimes I wonder if its kind've like a horror movie. I wonder if some people get some sort of high off of being scared shitless by Alex Jones... *shrug*

S.M. Elliott said...

You're on to something there, Paul. Apocalypse Maybe Later would be an awful movie.

Russell said...

Paul: Right on. Jones says exactly the same things, and his followers never seem to notice. As you say, there are people who apparently listen to Jones for the purpose of getting scared crazy. Is it some kind of weird fetish?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who Jeff Davis is? Apparently Alex was associated with him at the beginning of his ‘’career”.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a few of the early AJ videos with Jeff Davis, who I had never heard of before the above anon spoke of him.......besides the obvious physical transformation over the years, AJ mentioned how he would never quote Spotlight mag on the air, because they have anti-semitic tinged articles, or mention UFO's....he explains to a caller his decidedly non racial stance and his personal commitment to the state of Israel.

I was interested to learn his view on UFO's, here he says they are just classified advanced human technology. hmm.

SME said...

Funny how he wouldn't quote from Spotlight, but fawns all over former Spotlight writer Jim Tucker.

Russell said...

@ SME: And Texe Marrs.

Anonymous said...

what did Tucker and Jones discuss? UFO's or how Jews ruin everything?

Anonymous said...

On point 1, the drive to force- vaccinate existed, but it became obvious to the WHO et al that massive resistance would foil the they backed down...the WHO people are being investigated for their Pharma link, to use panic to create profit. And the unconstitutional hate crime speech bill did go through, albeit with a modifying amendment.

Paul said...

Jesse Ventura recently did an interview with American Free Press which is a periodical that has more than dabbled in anti-semitism and holocaust denial.

Oddly enough if you go to Texe Marrs' website he's got an "expose" on Ron Paul being a supposed shill for the "gay agenda." It'd be good for a few laughs if Jones and Marrs got into a spat over that given how hardcore Jones is for Ron Paul.

Russell said...

Paul: I've heard Jones read AFP's articles on the air many times. Are we supposed to believe that he doesn't know how anti-Semitic they are? Of course Marrs is even more anti-Semitic, and Jones has him on his show dozens of times every year.
I was surprised to learn that Marrs has been bashing RP lately. RP doesn't seem to be the most pro-gay person in the world, either... but he certainly isn't as nasty about it as Marrs is.

Anonymous said...

Russell and Paul couldn't touch upon the comment just before them, so they had to go off track.

Anonymous said...

Race- baiting gets a bit stale after awhile...anything else in your mind? Did you view any of the Jeff Davis videos?

Russell said...

@ Anon 4:24: No, we didn't address your comment because it was irrelevant to the topic we were discussing. And, as usual, you provided no evidence for your claim regarding mandatory vaccinations. "Someone" wanted to have mandatory vaccines? I've been hearing that for well over ten years now.

Anonymous said...

Russell- medical martial law, ever hear of that, no, I didnt think so. You know the technical WTO pandemic meaning, no, I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

"....we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States....conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic world, if you will. If thats the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

-David Rockefeller, page 405 of his recollections.

SME said...

Anon, you accidentally left out the first part of the sentence quoted, which is "Some even believe...". So Rockefeller is admitting to trying to "build a more integrated global political and economic structure", but not to being part of a "secret cabal".

Anonymous said...

No, that other part doesn't change the implication.

Anonymous said...

Its all part of one thought, which he affirms.

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