Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buh-Bye To Paul Craig Roberts

Let's bid farewell to Paul Craig Roberts, a favourite guest of both Jones and the white supremacists at Republic Broadcasting Network's Political Cesspool. (David Duke once wrote that before PC debuted in 2004, the white man had no voice in mainstream radio. Apparently Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Imus, Glenn Beck et al don't qualify as mainstream. Or white men.)

Roberts is retiring from professional paranoia, though he might return to The Alex Jones Show once or twice.

I won't call Roberts a racist or an anti-Semite, because like all the people he excoriates for sitting on or ignoring the *truth* about his pet topics, Roberts likes to coyly dance around certain issues so that you can't quite pin him down. While his anti-war views can be appreciated even by liberals, his other views ... um, not so much. He has spent the last decade shredding the reputation he spent the other 60+ years building. Kinda sad, but also kinda familiar. I mean, Morley Safer is doing infomercials these days. I guess when you reach an advanced age, you get to be a complete moron and no one will call you on it.

To PCR fans, cheer up: There are plenty more paranoid white guys where he came from.


Anonymous said...

Don't trash someone unless you give clear examples as to why one should. Show the paranoia, or take a walk.

Thrill me with your wisdom...

Anonymous said...

While his anti-war views can be appreciated even by liberals, his other views ... um, not so much.

Sort of describes a lot of this crew.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are against wars? Since when?

It was Judy Millers reportage for the New York Times that persuaded middle America to go along with the attack on Iraq. Her editorials were carried in numerous papers across the land; these fables clinched the deal for the Neo-Con mass murder... and immolation of countless children, just to find non existant WMD's ? hmm.
(which, beforehand, I knew 100% they would never find. That WMD business was a transparent hoax)...

Johnson and Vietnam...Clinton and Serbia...while more authentic conservatives like Pat Buchanan oppposed the Gulf war, the Iraq war(some hesitancy), and the Kosovo-Serbian venture...

While each person named might not easily fit into a liberal label, liberals have more than their share of hawks, while conservatives have at least their share of peace advocates or isolationists.

While the Neo-Cons and ADL, false conservatives, AIPAC, et al beat the drum for the destruction of Iran, to safeguard Israel... i'm sure plenty of 'liberals' will be found who support such an action.

A personal policy of peace instead of derived from other ideas or personal principles. If Alex Jones and PCR are opposed to these wars, then it is because they have derived these positions from other, correct, observations.

SME said...

Anon #1: Believing wholeheadedly in virtually every conspiracy theory you encounter qualifies as paranoia in my book. Feel free to disagree.

Anon #2: Sure, there are some pro-war liberals and some anti-war conservatives, and some apolitical anti-war folks. Just generalizing.

The rest of you Anons were deleted. I don't have any problem with criticizing specific policies of Israel, but this isn't the place to paint the entire country and its people as inherently bad. There are many other forums for that.

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned PCR in the same breath as David Duke, you implied he was racist and anti-semitic, whether you directly meant to or not.

That was why I posted the article about Israel- if individuals are oppposed to that state and its machinations, there are legit reasons for this opposition. By deleting me, which is your right, you leave half of the argument unheard, and you show that it was powerful enough to warrant obscuring from view.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans who wholeheartedly support the state of Israel probably wouldn't, if they knew the truth....Christians there who witness can go to prison, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, just a few hours ago, was denied entry into Gaza...jewish girls who date Palestinains guys can be sent to 'therapy'....Plus their 200-600 atomic bombs....the list is too long to mention here.

The main reaosn all this matters is the very high risk that this nearly unqualified support carries- World War Three and the end of civilization.
All because of the machinations of a small clique within a small state and their clients, which gets its way here.

SME said...

oppposed to that state and its machinations

That's the problem, right there. Why oppose an entire state? The state is made up of its people, not the ruling government. Like I said, I have no problem with opposing certain policies, but trying to paint the entire country as criminal or underhanded is absurd.

Anonymous said...

In Tel Aviv, if you sit down in a restaurant and can't speak Hebrew, you wont get served

S.M. Elliott said...

Dude, that can happen anywhere. Try speaking bad French in Quebec and see how great the service is. It doesn't mean the Quebecois are bad people, it just means they're fed up with a-hole tourists who want to hang out in their province without learning the language.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what your smoking, but half the country speaks a more fluent english than some native speakers. Are you aware of the fact that tourism is one of their main industries. Duh?

Anonymous said...

Are you aware at all of how many israli girls end up dating and marrying Palestinians and end up being forced to stay in virtual servitude to his family? You do realize that the Israeli government could care less about this. Have you been hitting the stormfront website a bit to much lately?

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