Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Has Speidi Woken Up the Sheeple Yet?

Since Alex Jones loves to trumpet even his most questionable and his least significant "predictions", I'm going to follow his bad example today.

Remember when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were on Jones' show last July, telling Jones that his documentaries had "woken them up" to what the world is really all about? They even expressed regret over having been such an integral part of the mind control/entertainment behemoth that conditions America's youth to be superficial idiots. All this time, Heidi moaned, she could have been using her celebrity status to warn her peers about the deadly perils of tapwater, birth control pills, implantable microchips, and the Federal Reserve. Instead, she wasted her time building an entertainment career that could see her through to retirement, if properly invested.

Ah, misspent youth.

Anyway, I had my doubts about Speidi's commitment to fighting the New World Order. This is what I wrote in July:

"somehow I doubt that the Pratts will be developing into hardcore activists anytime soon"

It's been over half a year. Heidi's Twitter feed and YouTube channel consist primarily of promos for her new album. The only thing remotely connected to what she talked about with Jones is an "I Love Jesus!" tucked into her Twitter bio, although it's hard to notice when a photo of herself in black club lingerie dominates the page. Heard any more Patriot radio interviews with the Pratts? Noticed anything about Climategate on Heidi's website? Seen them at any Tea Parties?

Didn't think so. Because this is how Heidi spends a great deal of her time these days - overhauling her already hot 23-year-old bod with a very costly array of cosmetic procedures.

But I guess I should be fair. Maybe Heidi has some fantastic plan for staving off the Commie-Satanic-fascist-eugenicist world takeover with her reconstructed nose and killer thighs. Fighting baddies with boobies.

It could happen.

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the_last_name_left said...

Fighting baddies with boobies.

ah - gotta ADORE Alex Jones?


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