Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can Alex Jones Spot a Patsy?

These days, it is remarkably difficult to frame someone for a criminal act and get away with it for any appreciable length of time. Sooner or later, an astute journalist or filmmaker or lovelorn correspondent is going to realize that the wrong person is in prison, and they're going to attempt to do something about it. Thanks to the efforts of groups like the Innocence Project, false convictions in the U.S. are being overturned at record pace. In Canada, vigilant media outlets like the fifth estate have turned the falsely convicted into household names, raising awareness of shoddy investigative techniques and bogus expert testimony. In fact, even if a convict is guilty as all hell, a William F. Buckley might step in and persuade the public - and, more importantly, the parole board - that They Got the Wrong Guy. Patsies are certainly not a thing of the past, but it is now harder than ever to sustain a fraudulent case against a suspect.

How ironic, then, that Alex Jones and company have convinced a huge number of us that we live in the Age of the Patsy. Crazy gunmen are actually mind-controlled assassins, racist lunatic bombers are just drugged-up scapegoats, and homicidal hijackers don't even exist.
I've noticed a very interesting thing about Jones and patsies, though. I've mentioned it several times already (notably here), and recent events have reinforced my suspicions in a powerful way.
Here's the deal: If a suspect is thought to be right-wing, like the Boston bomb suspects, Jones will almost immediately denounce the entire case as a false flag operation engineered by one or more government entities (or, in non-U.S. cases like Norway, "globalists" - a handy umbrella term for anyone who does anything Jones doesn't like). But if the suspect appears to have left-leaning tendencies, like ricin-mailing suspect Paul Curtis, Jones and Infowars will float the official story with few questions asked. This was the case with James Lee, who burst into the offices of the Discovery Channel in 2010 and threatened to kill staff members for the corporation's alleged failure to adequately address climate change and environmental pollution. It was also the case with Arizona gunman Jared Loughner, whom Jones denounced as an "abortion-loving atheist" and Infowars declared as fitting into the "classic satanic/vampire cult wannabe mould" (whatever that is). Jones suggested these men could be under the influence of mind control and psychotropic drugs, but didn't refer to them as patsies or try to convince us they were the victims of government blackmail.

On that note, let's take a closer look at how Jones handled the recent ricin mailings and the Boston bombings.

Boston: Barely half an hour after the first reports of bomb blasts, Jones tweets his suspicion that this was a false flag event. Later, Infowars articles tie events in Boston to foiled terrorist plots in which the FBI was involved, and Jones declares the FBI his #1 suspect. Jones predicts that pro-gun advocates like Oath Keepers will be framed for the attack.
Ricin: Responding to reports that letters thought to contain ricin were intercepted en route to President Obama, a Mississippi judge, and Senator Roger Wicker, a Prison Planet article argues that Wicker, as a Republican supporter of Second Amendment rights, was not the victim of right-wing gun nuts (as some media commentators speculated). The article suggests They will attempt to link the ricin letters to Boston.

Boston: In numerous articles, Infowars casts doubt on what the media has to say about the "patsy" suspects. At one point, they even question whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev actually died or not, pointing to grainy unsourced footage of a naked man being detained by police.

Ricin: On the day of Curtis' arrest, Infowars publishes a single article about the ricin mailing, titled "Ricin Arrest: Suspect Appears to Be a Mentally Unstable Democrat". The article does not contradict or question mainstream media reports, and plays up a vaguely anti-gun comment that Curtis once left on HuffPo. There is no longer any suggestion that the ricin mailings could be part of a false flag operation.

Boston: Infowars publishes photos of two "suspects". Though these two men are not doing anything particularly suspicious in the photos, Jones insists they are either military contractors employed by Craft International or Navy SEALs, and that they are much stronger suspects than the Tsarnaev brothers. Jones continues to bang the drum about these two men despite the fact that he is fully aware of the dangers of fingering innocent people.
Ricin: Not a single alternative suspect is presented.

Boston: Jones theorizes the bombings were just an excuse to give the TSA increased powers and enable gun control.

Ricin: After the arrest of Curtis, no alternative theories are presented.

Boston: Jones gradually adds the CIA and other entities to his list of suspects. He continues to refer to the Tsarnaevs as patsies, but admits they might have been involved in some capacity.
Ricin: Still no alternative suspects. Infowars reposts an extremely brief story about Curtis' release without additional comment.

Paul "Kevin" Curtis looked like a pretty good suspect. An Elvis impersonator with a penchant for conspiracy theories, he supposedly used his own initials and a favourite quote in the ricin letters. Even his friends complained about his erratic and obnoxious behaviour. For the past 12 years, he has been zealously trying to expose an alleged organ-harvesting operation, claiming he was wrongfully fired from a custodial job at North Mississippi Medical Center after he found a severed head and other body parts in a morgue refrigerator. The guy is clearly a few croutons short of a salad, and Alex Jones has no love for the mentally ill.
But Curtis was not the guy. He was a patsy. Someone carefully culled information from his many Facebook posts and other online ramblings in order to incriminate him. Because Curtis had previously sent letters about organ harvesting to Sen. Wicker and several other politicians, the lookalike ricin letters quickly made him the prime suspect. There is one suspected culprit in this frame-up job, but to date there have been no other arrests in the case.
How is it that Alex Jones, with his amazing predictive powers and psychic ability, completely missed this? And just why was the Infowars crew so quick to accept mainstream media reports about Curtis, while simultaneously challenging each and every media report about Boston?
I won't answer that. As they say in the conspiracy world, I'm only asking questions.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good real information on here. I've been wondering about two more topics which I haven't been able to find on here. Firstly, Alex claims that the US government is funding Al-Qaeda. Also I have never been able to find any evidence of the CIA radiating foster kids. Thanks for your time.

S.M. Elliott said...

I think I can help here, a bit.

1. Al-Qaeda: The mujahideen fighters operating out of Peshawar during the Soviet-Afghan war were, as you prob'ly know, largely funded by the CIA. At the end of the war the mujahideen soured on the CIA for various reasons, so relations were basically severed, but the muj continued their Al-Qaeda activities all over the world. Without the CIA, this org might not have formed. BUT Jones & Co. take it a step further and insist the CIA never lost control of Al Qaeda at all. In fact, Jones believes a claim (made by the late Ted Gunderson) that bin Laden was actually a CIA agent named Tim Osman who died around 2002.

2. The radiated foster kids. I know, right?!
I'm not boasting, but I have been researching unethical medical/psychological experiments for roughly 16 years, and I am at least superficially familiar with those conducted in the U.S. and Canada. I have searched and I have scoured the Internet and I have asked as many people as I can, and I have not found a SINGLE shred of evidence indicating that large numbers of children - foster or otherwise - were killed in American radiation experiments. He is clearly not talking about the bogus "Ringworm Children", because in Endgame he specifically mentioned the children were experimented upon on U.S. soil. He can't be talking about the Fernald school nutrition experiments, 'cause he says the kids were locked in chambers and exposed to radiation that killed many of them. That's not even remotely close to what happened at the Fernald school.
In short, I can't find any evidence of such a thing happening. If you ever come across some, kindly give me a heads-up.

Tim Currin said...

It is regularly admitted by mainstream government media now that we created alqueada to fight the Russians and still fund them to this day to destabilize Lybia, Syria, Iran Etc...
We create the threat and deliver the answer to pass national and international objectives. To claim otherwise is a conspiracy.

There are plenty of whistle blowers on this subject inside the U.S. who were involved directly with these programs that still run today. These programs are used for assassinations, bombings and mass shootings or what-ever will help you reach your political agenda. The Batman Massacre, Sir-han Sir-han, Aron Alexis, Jared Loughner, and many more.

Look up Wikipedia list of journalist killed in the U.S and you will see why information isn't as easy to come by when it comes to the CIA. They have perfected direct and indirect assassinations.
Now they are even using hacking techniques to take control of a targets vehicle and crash them into a tree at 100 mph while setting off a car bomb. See Michael Hastings....
The CIA killed Kennedy admittedly now, and still are not being charged. They have a free pass. When was the last time a CIA agent was arrested for anything excluding leaking documents to the press? Do you believe no CIA agent has ever become corrupted?

S.M. Elliott said...

"The CIA killed Kennedy admittedly now, and still are not being charged."

What are you talking about?

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