Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Not-so-solved

The FBI, Navy SEALs, high school student, cartoon writers conspired to take away your guns, even though no one is taking away your guns.
Don't worry. 4Chan is on the case.

It has now been well over 72 hours since the Boston bombings, and no one has attempted to place the blame Jones, Oath Keepers, or Patriots, as Jones predicted.
Jones is now blaming the FBI, and Infowars is promoting the idea that the case has already been solved by armchair detectives. Infowars: "4Chan posted dozens of photos showing Navy Seal or Private Security personnel carrying the same black back packs which are the same style backpacks showed in FBI photos." The New York Post did something similar yesterday, posting a photo of two young "suspects" standing in the crowd. There are currently reports that one of these "suspects" might be a Boston high school student
The two "Navy suspects" shown on Infowars are not the same two guys from the Post article, and the two men the FBI identified as suspects today are two entirely different people. We're dealing with three separate pairs of young men, yet Infowars is crowing, "Quite possibly, Infowars, with help from crowd sourced sites and a treasure trove of independent photos, may have held a huge part in destroying the official narrative the government intended to run with." Just how Infowars would know what investigators "intended to run with" is unclear. Jones said on Monday that They would try to pin the blame on gun-rights advocates, members of Oath Keepers, and/or Jones himself, but to date no one has attempted to blame any of these parties. No "official" narrative of any sort has emerged, in fact.
As of 5:50 CST, Infowars is still touting the possible high school student and the guy in the white hat as strong suspects, and in one of its lead articles brags that the "police confirm Infowars photos of Boston suspects". They're conflating these two "suspects" with the men in the FBI photos. Confused yet? Well, don't worry. Infowars clearly was, too. In a more recent post, an Infowars writer complains that the FBI has "ignored" their suspects of choice, referring to the men in the FBI photos as "patsies". But why would the Infowars "suspects", plucked from the crowd almost at random because they wore backpacks and appeared non-Caucasian, be more valid than the FBI guys - also non-whites with backpacks? The FBI claims to have video footage of one man setting down a backpack close to one of the blast sites. Infowars can make no such claim. They only have still photos that show nothing particularly incriminating.

Jones also jumped on the "predictive programming" in an episode of Family Guy, which featured Peter Griffin running over Boston Marathon runners with a car and (in a separate scene) setting off bombs with his cell phone. Someone cleverly edited the two scenes to make them look like one, and this trickery was exposed almost immediately. But some theorists still consider it suspicious.
Bizarrely, no one ever demands the arrests of these "predictive programmers". If Jones was right about this predictive programming in cartoons, Matt Groening and Mike Judge should be in jail.

I find it peculiar that Infowars is ignoring the massive blast in Texas. Is this event not false-flaggy enough to warrant the slightest bit of attention?


Highland Host said...

Armchair detectives are of course usually about seventeen steps behind the actual police detectives

Sakeeta Rosen said...

You are so wrong about everything. you stupid sheep will never wake up. Why would the cartoonist be thrown in jail, when the court system is just as corrupt? They are the ones helping cover everything up.

You are so stupid. The president is part of it, the media is part of it, all celebrities are part of it, all government people are part of it, all doctors, all dentists, all police. EVERYONE

when will you all fucking get that? OH you wont. Maybe you will when FEMA takes your pathetic asses.

S.M. Elliott said...

That's hilarious. ALL medical professionals are "in on it"? ALL celebrities?

RANDY QUAID: "So what time is the meeting about the next false flag operation?"
NEW WORLD ORDER: "Oh, uh, hey, Randy. We...we didn't expect to hear from you for a while. Tell you what, you just kick back this week and do your, uh, thing. We'll let ya know when we need you for any world domination stuff. You hang in there, buddy."

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