Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston: Everyone is a Patsy

Yesterday, Infowars was miffed that the FBI ignored "their" two suspects (either Navy SEALs or contractors with Craft International) and instead published photos of two "patsy" suspects.
In a video made early this morning (around 5:00 CST), Jones boasted that Infowars would soon release the name of the suspect who remains at large, thanks to the efforts of Anonymous. But Jones was clearly not in possession of that name yet, because he went on to speculate about the nationality/ethnicity of the two men. First he said, “These guys kind of look like Israelis. I’m not saying Israel is involved in it, we don’t have any evidence of that. It’s just that they kind of look Israeli.” Then he said they could be “North African” or “Spanish Muslims.”
Jones touted his suspects again, but then marginalized them by saying they, too, were "patsies" put into place by whoever did the actual bombing. Beyond "the FBI", Jones has not identified who did the actual bombing.

A few hours later, the FBI released the names of the suspects: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased). Infowars did not beat the FBI to the punch, and to date, I have found no evidence that Anonymous was in possession of either of these names. The names Anonymous tweeted early this morning were not the correct ones.

Bizarrely, Jones commented about halfway through his video, "MSNBC and the White House will be upset, though, turns out to be a real group of foreigners that attacked us, 'cause they won't get to go after the Tea Party..."
Here, Jones seems to be saying the White House is not calling the shots in this "false flag operation". The FBI is fully in charge. He is also admitting - tacitly - that his predictions were wrong (or as he puts it, the FBI changed the storyline). No one blamed him, Oath Keepers, Tea Party members, or gun-rights advocates for the Boston bombings. There was vague talk about "right-wing extremists" among media commentators, and little else. In fact, the public has been pretty evenly divided between those who suspected Middle Eastern involvement and those who felt the bombings were domestic.

The primary purpose of the bombings, Jones maintains, is to give the TSA increased powers. I don't know why that couldn't be done without a bombing, but I'm not the expert. Jones is. He knew exactly what was going on. Sure, the Great Tea Partier Frameup of 2010 didn't happen, and The Great Tea Partier Frameup of 2013 was a bust, and none of the "false flags" of the past two years has been directly connected to Patriots, but one of these false flag ops has to be a Tea Partier frameup, right?

Update: As of 6:44 PM (CST), Infowars has still not posted anything about the boat standoff occurring in Watertown. But they have posted an indignant article claiming that Facebook is blocking re-posts of "their" suspects. This turned out to be untrue; I was able to re-post the article on two separate Facebook groups after Facebook supposedly started blocking it (see the Leaving Alex Jonestown FB page). 


Highland Host said...

It seems to me that the way that Jones and the Paranoid Brigade are reporting this could be used to explain ANY outcome, any suspect or suspects. It's unfalsifiable. The Paranoid Brigade have become so taken up with the idea of a false-flag attack that they seem unable to accept even the idea of a straightforward terrorist incident!

The men in 'uniforms' thing was just silly; as if false flag operatives would... well, not work under a false flag, but wear their own uniforms when pretending to belong to some other group. The idea is quite simply absurd.

S.M. Elliott said...

It's telling that Jones will not even lightly entertain the possibility of a legit terror attack these days. Not even for a few minutes.
But if the suspects had turned out to be, say, environmentalists, he would have declared the feds got the right people. He does not question the ricin mailing story at all, because the perp was reportedly a Democrat.

Highland Host said...

These people have constructed a worldview for themselves that is the plot of a Z-grade thriller, with them in the main role as the heroes alone against a corrupt and evil state. They believe this, but it it is unfalsifiable, because everything is a proof of the conspiracy. It reminds one of the old story of the man who became convinced that he was in fact dead. The doctors finally said to him, "well, dead people do not have a heartbeat". He agreed, and they then hooked him up to a stethoscope so he could hear his heartbeat. "Well, whaddaya know!" the man cried, "Dead people do have heartbeats after all!"

It is simply impossible to argue with such people.

S.M. Elliott said...

LOL. Much like the example I use, which I think might have been a Peanuts cartoon:

- "Look! A rare Brazilian butterfly!"
- "That's a potato chip."
- "Wow. How did that potato chip get here all the way from Brazil?"

Highland Host said...

And now it seems Glenn Beck has decided to get a piece of the "inside job" action. Which of course means following Jones into the nut-house.

Unknown said...

This article is a perfect example of his manipulation of the news and in some ways, gambling on the fact that his readers will not use logic

This post is implying that because they might withhold the Miranda warning to Tsarnaev, that they are taking away his 5th and 6th amendment rights. This is despite the fact that the Miranda warning is merely to remind a suspect of their inalienable rights that they maintain regardless of whether or not they're told they have them. A trip to the comment section will certainly show that the majority of readers literally believe that without a miranda warning, you lose your rights.

Highland Host said...

Which of course is ridiculous; in fact if they do not read you your rights they can cause all sorts of trouble for themselves. But Jones and his followers have a very strange idea of how the law works.

Unknown said...

I love your blog, you inspired many of my own Alex Jones posts haha:

Even though you are on the other side of the aisle, I respect that you recognize the danger of crazy just as much.

Unknown said...

It is true that if arrested without a Miranda warning, your rights remain fully intact. I have no idea why people think otherwise. Failure to Mirandize a suspect is actually of great benefit to the suspect, as it can give his/her attorneys legal leverage.

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