Monday, July 23, 2012

The Self-Made Manchurian Candidate

Ted Kaczynski keeps coming up in the context of the Aurora conspiracy. In Alex Jonestown, most mass murderers are just mind-controlled patsies, and Kaszinski fits neatly into that category because he might have been involved in MK-ULTRA LSD experiments while a student at Harvard.

Do yourself a favour. Look at the effects and side effects of LSD. Note how long they last. Ask yourself if using LSD in the very early '60s would cause you to become a mad bomber in the late '70s.

Now look at Trazodone We don't know with certainty that Ted took LSD, but we do know he took Trazodone on a pretty regular basis. Look at the effects and side effects of that drug.


Anonymous said...

I've used both LSD and Trazodone, and neither drug has inspired me to perform illegal acts which might in turn inspire Camper Van Beethoven to pen a 'Militia Song' about me (yet).

To the uninitiated, both substances may seem like they're bad news based on available literature, but I'm here to tell you: if you've spent the evening looking at your brain through the glass toupee afforded by LSD, a couple of Trazodones will help you come down and get a good night's sleep.

I've been prescribed Trazodone and Seroquel for insomnia, and both come with warnings of possible false flag operations clearly printed on the label. If anything, Kaszinski's actions are the result of big pharma's love of money. I wonder if we can look forward to a 1 800 BAD DRUG false flag ad soon. Would certainly be more pleasant than the transvaginal mesh class action suit viewers are urged to join.

Glad you're posting more stuff. Thanks for making my internet experience better.

S.M. Elliott said...

I took Trazodone for about a week. It was like being hit with a bus right after being hit by a bus, but other than urge to painstakingly, lovingly craft homemade bombs in a shack in the woods.

Anyway, Ted was actually not a participant in the Leary-Alpert shroom/acid "experiments" going on at Harvard, but in the psychologically abusive stress experiments being conducted by Henry Murray (no drugs, just lots of shaming).

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