Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Collection of Facebook Comments about the Aurora, Colorado Murders

The silly and derpy shall remain nameless, but these are real comments culled from my own Facebook network. My thoughts on them are in blue. Because cut-&-paste conspiracy theories make me sad.

"not said much about this shooting as still waiting for all the 'evidence' to come out.. but the shit loads of ammo online reinforces my original thoughts of this being something to use to disarm the americans without many complaining...In other words an inside job"

"lone gun man with military grade equipment.... riiight"

Which anyone, including Mr. Riiight, can buy online.  

"this person most definitely was out of character not to mention the mind control attributes that have been involved in quite a few historic incidents such as the Moscow Theater hostage. Very similar media coverage also. Definitely something fishy with this one."

"I've been researching this for the past 12 hours. The connections to CIA are BIZARRE, to say the least. It's far too much to get into right now, but suffice it to say there is more proof coming out hourly that Holmes was recruited by the CIA when he returned to the University of Denver last fall. In fact, the evidence that suggests this entire rampage was a planned operation timed to coincide with the signing of the UN Gun Treaty is bone chilling. This is no "conspiracy theory". The evidence is quite literally mounting on an hourly basis."

The CIA "links" to James Holmes, as laid out by one Tony Elliott (NO RELATION),  are as follows:
1. James lived on campus. CIA recruiters like college campuses. (Ivy League and top forty ones, yes. If CIA recruiters are skulking around the University of Colorado on a daily basis, they're scraping the barrel.)
2. His withdrawal from school coincides with his purchase of weapons. This is an indication that he was recruited during that time. (Or that he had nothing left to live for and decided to act out his sick fantasies, or that he had a mental breakdown caused in part by academic pressure, or that he had a brain tumour like Austin shooter Charles Whitman, or about seven thousand other possibilities.)
3. The CIA wants to stage fake terror attack to keep the fear of terrorism alive, justifying their foreign wars of aggression. ( does staging small-scale domestic attacks accomplish this, exactly?)
4. The UN Arms Treaty thing. Reuters dealt with this better than I can. 

"9/11 was more than 10 years ago, and they got a veritable grab-bag of powers and TWO wars (afghanistan and iraq) over that false flag attack. Go back some more, to the wars with Cuba and Vietnam, and the false flag attacks that preceded those. There are (lots) more too, but these will be the easiest for most people to find out about." 

I'm sorry, "war with Cuba"? Did I fall asleep in history class? Also, no false flag attacks preceded Vietnam. 

"I refuse to look at this man. I refuse to learn his name. I'm tired of the perps getting press. I will only learn the names of his victims, see THEIR faces and hear THEIR stories. Conspiracy or not, he made the choice." 

^ If I was single, and bi, I would ask this gal to marry me.  


JM said...

And willy Loman just got more absurd

pg said...

I'm in general agreement with you that your Facebook friends have been indulging in "cut & paste conspiracy theories" that don't explain the killings in Aurora.

However, one of your commentators made references to "false flag" attacks in the lead-up to wars with Cuba and Vietnam that I think you were too quick to dismiss.

First the Cuba reference. In 1898, the USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor. The Maine was in town, supposedly to protect American citizens who were caught up in the conflict between Spain and Cubans who were rebelling against Spanish rule. It was much later established that the Maine's sinking was caused by a coal dust explosion in the coal bunker that was located next to the ships stores of weapons and explosives. At the time though it was interpreted in the media as the result of a Spanish attack and used as a pretext for the US to go to war with Spain. The outcome of the war -- the US took direct control of the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico and less direct control of Cuba. Was this a "false flag" attack, planned and carried out by the U.S. Who knows? But they certainly knew how to exploit a situation for their own benefit.

On to Vietnam. On Aug. 2, 1964, North Vietnamese patrol boats fired on a US war ship that was travelling in the Gulf of Tonkin. The story is too complicated to go into in any depth here, but suffice to say, the US was probably up to no good and the North Vietnamese probably felt they were protecting their sovereignty. Two days later, the US Navy reported another North Vietnamese attack that later turned out to be bogus. There was no attack and subsequently declassified reports have demonstrated this was known by President Lyndon Johnson. The cumulative public outrage over the two incidents - one real, one imaginary - enabled Johnson to secure Congressional approval of the "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" which empowered Johnson to do whatever necessary in order to assist "any member or protocol state of the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty". This included involving armed forces.

With this resolution in his back pocket, Johnson dramatically escalated US involvement in the war which killed two million Vietnamese and 50,000 Americans.

Was the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" of August 4, 1964 a "false flag" attack, manufactured deliberately by the US government? This isn't crystal clear, though I wouldn't dismiss it. What has been documented, though, is that Johnson knew it was a lie and he used it to generate the political climate he needed to escalate the war.

Your commentator was a bit sloppy in his references to Cuba and Vietnam, but he or she might not be as far off the mark as it might first appear. As for Afghanistan and Iraq - it is clear that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan posed any threat to the United States and that the reasons for attacking were manufactured -- once again making use of an incident that may or may not have been a false flag attack but which nonetheless had nothing to do with either of the countries the US has destroyed in this century.

Love yer blog, by the way. Keep up the good work.

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