Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chemtrail Series

Death from the sky

Chemtrails I: Jets 
Lots of chemtrail-watchers mistake ordinary jet components for chemtrail-spraying equipment. Don't be one of those people.

Chemtrails II: Contrails and Clouds 
"Contrails can't make clouds!" 

Chemtrails III: Aerial Spraying Operations (part one) - Military Chaff
Is chaff responsible for chemtrails? What about all that aluminum? 


socrates said...

You're a bit late to the chemtrail show. Too bad you're a predictable know-it-all idiot taking the easy way out in your debunking. I did notice one lie while skimming. There does need to be about 60-70% relative humidity to account for certain events. So when you push 10% being all that's needed, you are flat out wrong. I emailed with Patrick Minnis of NASA. He said radiosondes can give false readings. Yet here you are moving the goal posts. Since you are late to game and regurgitating nothing new while debunking nothing from my website All Aircraft Are Not Involved, I will not be coming back to see if you respond. To repeat, you are a pompous, predictable debunker leaching off of obvious strawman arguments. You should do something about that authoritarian personality disorder you are suffering.

S.M. Elliott said...

Socrates, whilst stooping to personal attacks for no apparent reason, has taken my passage out of context. Please read the Chemtrails II: Clouds and Contrails post to find out what it actually says about contrail formation.

I have always been polite with this blogger. Even friendly (we agree on numerous issues). And I always debated him in a respectful, fair and ethical manner. This is how he responds.

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