Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alex Jones Censored Again

Alex Jones gets censored a lot. THEY have tried to silence him countless times

Well, basically just by tampering with his stuff on YouTube once in a great while.

This time, The Obama Deception was removed from a YouTube channel called ChangeDaChannel, apparently by a hacker. This isn't as big an "emergency" as the temporary removal of Jones' unoffical YouTube channel was, yet Steve Watson at Prison Planet calls the hack a "gross violation" of the First Amendment. The first problem with this statement, of course, is that hacking is not a First Amendment issue. The second problem is that even if YouTube removed the video, YouTube is and always has been a private corporate entity that can censor to its heart's damn content. Anyone who has not grasped this yet needs to, I dunno, maybe pay attention? Third problem: The Obama Deception is still available by the truckload. I have like five copies, and you can find it on just about every video-sharing site. You can order it from NetFlix, for the love of all that's holy! If this is censorship, lay some on me.

Creepier than the censorship claim is the statement that Jones is on "high-alert". What does that even mean? Are you we supposed to man our stations or something? Well, sort of. Aaron Dykes lays out the steps we're supposed to take to fight the end of freedom of speech on the internet, which I've helpfully paraphrased:

Every single time you go online, spend 5 minutes typing “The Obama Deception”, “Police State 4″, or “Endgame” into every major search engine. I'm not sure why this would take 5 minutes. Anyway, here's hoping Samuel Beckett's work will make a comeback.

Use celebrity/mainstream media hype to bring attention to real issues. "Hey, did you hear Lindsey Lohan might go to jail? Oh, and by the way, the Rockefellers are trying to kill your children with tapwater."

Nag the hell out your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and random strangers to watch The Obama Deception. Then recruit them as Amway reps, ask them if they've accepted Jesus Christ, and sell them a vacuum cleaner. They'll love you.

Oh, and before we forget: Let your elected reps know you support an Internet free of surveillance and censorship. Then watch The Obama Deception.

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