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admit: 5. to allow or concede as valid 6. to acknowledge; confess
(Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language)

Jones loves to say that NWO conspirators have openly "admitted" to terrible things (scientists have "admitted" that chemtrails block out the sun, for instance).

Here's one that Jones has been particularly fond of lately: The U.S. military admits to growing opium poppies in Afghanistan! To mainstream news sources, no less! That's some pretty big news. The public should be hopping mad about that, but I guess we're all too busy watching Idol and kissing fascist butt to pay any attention, right?

Er, maybe not. Maybe the stories that Jones cites don't actually say a damn thing about American soldiers growing poppies.

Okay, screw the "maybe". The articles really don't say a damn thing about U.S. soldiers cultivating opium, and there's no evidence that they're doing so. Check it out:

- Jones claims that Reuters reported on the "admission". Reuters actually reported "Efforts to curb Afghan opium crop fail this year".
- The AP has turned out stories about the increased rates of opium use and addiction in Afghanistan, but has not (as Jones says) put out any "admissions" that the U.S. military is growing poppies or producing opium.
- Fox News supposedly blew the whistle, too. On his Sunday broadcast Jones declared, "Fox News interviewed a Marine Corps colonel who admitted, 'Yes, we grow the opium over there. We have to, or the Taliban will get the market.'" Jones is apparently referring to Geraldo's interview with Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, which revealed only that the Army is providing security for all cash crops in occupied parts of Afghanistan, and is currently tolerating the cultivation of poppies rather than destroying them, to avoid further pissing off Afghan citizens. Lt. Col. Christmas said nothing about the military growing opium. On the contrary, he said the army is buying up the harvested poppies just to get them off the market, and hopes that with encouragement the farmers will choose to raise food crops instead.
Now the ethical nature of all this is highly questionable, and you'd be right to question the army's real motives here. But did Lt. Col. Christmas (or any other colonel) say, "We're growing the poppies to push the Taliban out of the market?". No. The Taliban wasn't even mentioned. The attitude expressed was that poppy-growing is a cultural practice that just isn't worth fighting tooth-and-nail (duh).

Once again, Jones' idea of "admitting" and mine are quite different.


Anonymous said...

Karzai and bro.... I wonder how much dough and guards we give them to do their 'work'

S.M. Elliott said...

Interesting, but Karzai's brother's alleged involvement in the drug trade doesn't have much to do with the military admitting they grow poppies, does it?
BTW, he has six brothers. I'd only be shocked if there wasn't a baddie in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

S.M. Elliott said...

That report had a tone of incredulity/indignation the others lack, but it didn't give us anything other than the same story: Troops are leaving Afghan poppy crops alone.

Anonymous said...

They are not just leaving the crops alone. They buy from the farmers and also try to trace to the so called 'peddlers'. The crops are grown in US army controlled zones, under the watch of US soldier and guards.

The vid shows how when some of the crop was accidentally damaged by US soldiers, then the US soldiers offered to make amends and give the farmer a thousand bucks. Your definition of "leaving Afghan poppy crops alone" is odd.

By giving the Karzais all that taxpayer loot , tons of which hasn't been properly accounted for, then that is helping to grow poppys. A US soldier doesn't have to water the plants or help harvest them to be involved in poppy growing. There are tons of images of western troops guarding poppys. They are not just strolling thru fields on patrol and accidentally finding the crops, and then accidentally not destroying the crops.

Allowing, and assisting, the poppy crop- this is a goodwill policy to help keep the locals from turning against the the foreign soldiers.

S.M. Elliott said...

Uh, yeah, that's pretty much what I said in this post, isn't it? Troops are treating the poppies like any other cash crop (except for the buying part). They are guarding fields regardless of what's in them, and they are intentionally leaving the poppies alone to avoid further angering the citizens of Afghanistan. None of this equates to being actively involved in the poppy/opium trade, and no soldier has "admitted" that the U.S. military grows poppies to compete with the Taliban in the opium trade, as Jones contended.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit article....quoting Fox news, big red flag.

S.M. Elliott said...

It was Jones who quoted Fox News.

Mr_Speedy said...

"US Military Helping Afghan Farmers Grow Opium Poppies!" abc news

legionoffreedom said...

Opium production has increased from 4,000 ha to 190,000 ha(U.N) since U.S Troops started "helping",no afghan was involved in 9/11 and Bin Laden was supposedly found in Pakistan. Hmm So Why did The U.S and NATO attack Afghanistan. A simple minded soul who doesn't watch FOX or NBC , like me would think that it was to get control over production of opium that the Taliban had banned in Afghanistan.Thank for straighten me out LMFAO
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