Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charles Manson is an Environmentalist

Since the Discovery Channel shooting, Jones' constant refrain has been that most - if not all - environmentalists are dangerous whackos. Last week, guest host Ringo Starr Paul Joseph Watson *proved* this by pointing out that Charlie Manson is a radical environmentalist who says "the same things" Al Gore, John Holdren, and other environmentalists say (I don't recall those guys saying they'd like to kill 50 million people, but never mind).

I'd like to criticize this sort of dodgy guilt-by-association logic, but instead I'll embrace it. You know, joining instead of beating.

  • Two months before it killed a dozen Tokyo subway passengers with sarin gas, the Japanese death cult Aum Shinrikyo (now known as "Aleph") published an articled titled "Manual of Fear: The Jewish Ambition" in its periodical Vajrayana Sacca. It declared that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was an authentic plan for Jewish world takeover, blamed Israel for the genocide in Rwanda, and explained how postwar Japan was supposedly enslaved by Jews and Freemasons. The authors declared war on the murderous "shadow government" that "plans to brainwash and control" everyone, writing "Japanese, awaken! The enemy's plot has long sing torn our lives to shreds!". In addition to this b.s., leader Shoko Asahara told his followers that the U.S. government and the Japanese military were spraying cult facilities with sarin gas from airplanes.
  • The Order, the white supremacist gang that killed Alan Berg, believed the American government had to be taken back from a coalition of Jews, bankers, and Communists.
  • The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a cult offshoot of the LDS Church, believes the U.S. government is an anti-Christian "Beast system" with no real authority over them. For this reason they often do not pay taxes, ignore child labour laws, illegally apply for welfare and government subsidies to "bleed the Beast", and feel free to "marry" girls as young as 12.
  • Tony Alamo, an evangelist recently convicted of sexually abusing ("marrying") girls as young as 8, tells his followers that his arrest was part of a Vatican/government plot to destroy his ministry. He also says that 9/11 was an inside job and there is a worldwide depopulation effort afoot.
  • Jim Jones convinced his followers to commit suicide by telling them that the U.S. government was massed against them; they were pinned down in the jungle by military snipers, and the only way out was death. To convince them to move to the jungle in the first place, Jones had told them the U.S. government was planning to incarcerate them in "fascist concentration camps".
Moving away from cults, here a few more examples:

  • In the early '80s, many gay men refused to undergo AIDS tests because they believed a rumour that they would be quarantined in U.S. concentration camps.
  • The jihadists who planned the '93 World Trade Center bombing believed Arab-Americans would be rounded up and placed in U.S. concentration camps.
  • In addition to warning the world about violent "Jewish Satanism" (and employing the blood libel), Pam Schuffert warns that if you find coloured stickers on your rural mailbox, you're going to be captured and taken to a U.S. concentration camp.
  • John Todd, a convicted rapist who claimed to be a former Druid/Satanist/witch and collected money from various churches for telling his absurd stories, lived with the Weaver family shortly before they moved to Ruby Ridge. At this time in his "ministry" he was collecting firearms and money for an armed compound that never materialized, and was telling the Weavers (and anyone else who would listen) that Christians and Patriots would soon be rounded up and thrown into U.S. concentration camps.


Anonymous said...

Charles Manson is an Environmentalist- of course he is, he runs a enviro organization called ATWAS....hes a Rachel Carson inheritor, a proto-source for Al Gore and his go greenies....Just because Manson champions clean air etc. doesn't mean he's wrong. He's not, we need more Manson-esque concern for our trees, animals air and waters....

S.M. Elliott said...

Without the mass killing, of course.

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