Saturday, October 12, 2013

WWIII! For realsies this time!!

I've written before about Jones' interesting habit of predicting the outbreak of WWIII about once a year. This year, the alleged transfer of nuclear warheads from an Air Force base in Texas (Dyess AFB) to one in Florida (DERMO) is the tip-off that WWIII is about to erupt, Jones claimed in early September. Jones and Anthony Gucciardi wrote, "There’s a reason that Russia has begun amassing 160,000 troops and heavy military equipment following an Israeli strike on Russian missiles in Syria. There’s a reason that the troops were called along with naval ships and bombers to attain ‘immediate combat readiness’ along the border. We reported on this months ago while the media was too busy focusing on the Trayvon Martin case to talk about the ignition of World War 3." The entire story is based on the say-so of a single anonymous military source. 
Today, Infowars is crowing over the firing of Major General Michael Carey, the person in charge of intercontinental ballistic missiles at three U.S. bases (note that Dyess is not one of them). Carey was allegedly engaging in illegal gambling in his off-hours, but of course Jones doesn't accept that explanation. Jones is certain that Carey was canned for the paperless transfer of warheads. On his Facebook page, Jones (or someone representing him) posted the following status update yesterday morning: "The General in charge of America's long range nukes has been fired a month after Infowars exposed the top secret transfer of nuclear weapons by Dyess Air Force base." 

Let's assume, for a moment, that Jones' unknown military "insider" is legit and truthful. Let's say that Dyess really was shipping all its ICBMs to Florida for some reason, without the proper authorization and documentation. I have absolutely no reason to trust this information, but let's just say it's solid.
Does this mean WWIII has to start soon?
Of course not. Even if a nuclear strike against Syria takes place soon (and there is absolutely no reason to believe this will be the case), subsequent events are not a foregone conclusion. 

Take a look at Jones' other WWIII predictions. Ask yourself how plausible they were. Keep in mind that he was just as adamant about those predictions as he is about his most recent, Syria-based one. 


Nahoda said...

I am eagerly anticipating your next post . . . How does Alex keep up his level of excitement? He has been predicting the end of the world as we know it for about 15 years, but none of his predictions have come true. Do you suppose that, one day, Alex will just throw in the towel and admit that he sucks at predicting the end of the civilization?

Keith Rash said...

Not as long as people keep paying for merch...

Unknown said...

I cannot recall where i read it or what video it was in, but "someone" said that the gen that did the transfer did so to keep obama from detonating them on US soil as a false flag. They further claim that a navy admiral working with this general had a nuclear warhead dropped in the atlantic and detonated it to keep it out of obamas hands. So yeah, seems that some of the recent firings were to keep obama from nuking us to initiate martial law.

MY biggest question for the people that put this stuff out there is this: Does it hurt to be that crazy?

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