Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Amazing Jones: "I feel the angel of death flappin' around here."

There's a lot to be said for intuition and trusting your instincts, but claiming Sylvia Browne powers is quite another thing.
Jones insists he "predicted" 9/11, the Norway massacre, and the IRS attack in Austin just by paying attention to current events (he didn't), but in the video segment below he takes a new, supernatural tack by saying he experiences "chills" before major catastrophes occur, and sometimes has precognitive dreams.
Now, his psychic powers are telling him something epic is coming up: “I only have discernment on things that are big, and that effect humanity. And let me tell ya, what I’m feeling is ten times anything I’ve ever felt.”

Given his penchant for predicting things that never freaking happened (WWIII, The Great Swine Flu Plot of '09, The Great Tea Partier Frameup of 2010, etc.), I think we can safely ignore Jones' spidey senses.

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